Capital A


  • Indian Domicile - INR Rs 4500/-
  • International Membership - USD 70$
    International Membership

Slow and Intelligent A

Slow and Intelligent A

  • Starting and ending stroke

Extreme Creativity A

Extreme Creativity A

  • Two stroke A

Notice the 'A' in 'Always'

Claw in alphabet A

Claw in alphabet A

  • Gossiping

Notice: Word 'An'

Notice: Words 'Aadil Ayaz'

Start letter A in large lowercase a

Start letter A in large lowercase a.

  • Taking initiative but with fear.

A with concave underscore

A with concave underscore.

  • Always giving excuses
  • Open to ideas.

A with no crossbar

A with no crossbar

  • Their children find difficult to continue their work.
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