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Capital I

PPI with Mother and Father Image

We are the product of lady image and male image.


  • Love and affection
  • Care
  • Stories of philosophy, panchatantra


  • Pictures
  • Touch
  • Visual Impact (naked pictures)
  • Action

PPI and Slants

PPI or Personal Pronounced I and Handwriting Slants

Capital I

PPI or Personal Pronounced I is the main content of this group. 

Right Slant PPI

Right Slant PPI - A slant writing B slant PPI etc.

  • Expressive, themselves emotionally.

Left Slant PPI

Left Slant PPI - B slant writing A slant PPI or A slant writing F slant PPI etc.

  • Person otherwise very expressive.
  • Personal areas repressive.
  • Strict parents.

PPI in lowercase

PPI in lowercase  

  • They are thinking of themselves to be modest.
  • Inferiority complex.
  • Thinks low about self.

Notice: PPI I as i

PPI variable slant


PPI variable slant 

  • Personal aspects variable.
  • Expression of emotions.

Example: Expressive about cricket match. But not expressive about personal issues.

PPI smaller than Upper Zone letters


PPI smaller than Upper Zone letters -

  • Low self-esteem.
  • Underestimating themselves.

PPI same size

PPI same size - At par with other people.

PPI just larger than other letters

PPI just larger than other letters

  • Thinks slightly higher than others.
  • They have to be above others.


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