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Capital K

Romantic and Stress K

The angled second stroke just touches the stem.

  • Romantic 
  • Stress due to angle

Romantic and Witty K


The looped second stroke just touches the stem.

  • Romantic but witty.

No patience for romance K


No more patience for romance due to space between the stem and looped second stroke. 

  • No patience. (Due to space)

Notice: Word 'bk'

Past Romantic Ideas K

The loop of second stroke is behind the stem. 

  • He thought of romantic ideas in past.
  • Now no way now.

Notice: Word know

Past romantic ideas K

Past Romance K

The second stroke goes behind the stem.

  • Romance of past.
  • He does not believe in doing romantic things now.
  • Stress due to angle.

Unromantic K


The stem and the second stroke do not touch.

  • Person has not sufficient time for romance.
  • No patience.

Notice: The word; looked

Romantic K

Romantic K

  • The person is romantic.
  • The other part is holding the stem.
  • Patient and have to give time.

Notice: Word 'know'

Romantic K Word Know

Witty K

The stem is being just touching.

  • They are witty.

Capital K

Alphabet Capital K - It shows the romantic aspect of the human being.

  • Clean two separate strokes.
  • Romantic is outside.
  • After the stem.
  • If second stroke is before the stem, holding.

Observation: K determines the attraction (and response) and fear (and response) of a person towards the opposite gender.

Romantic - Attachment to the opposite sex. 


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