Capital M

Hump First Rounded Second Sharp M

Collects information > Realizes > Quick Decision.

Notice: the 'M' in meet

Notice: Word 'hamburger'

Hump First Sharp Second Rounded M

Quick / Hasty decision > Realizes > Collects information.

Notice: Word 'meaning'

Self-conscious M

Self-conscious M

  • The first hump is lower
  • The second hump is higher

Self-Conscious - Shown by the increasing height of the humps on the m’s and n’s. When the second hump is higher than the first, this person has a fear of being ridiculed and tends to worry what others might think when around strangers.

Diplomacy M

Diplomacy M

  • The first hump is higher
  • The second hump is lower

Tip: Diplomacy applies to both sharp and rounded humps.

Downslanted humps toward the right on m’s and n’s. This person has the ability to say things in a way that other people want to hear. He can also phrase touchy subjects in a nice inoffensive way.

McDonald M

Capital M - While taking initiative.

Small m - During the course of the day.

  • Collect lot of information before coming to decision.
  • Slow but firm decision.
  • Always buy the best.

Cumulative Thinker - Round or even flat-topped m’s and n’s forming smooth letters. These people need all the facts before making a decision. They may take longer to learn, but they will remember. They can be very creative and good with their hands.

Notice: Word 'I'm'

U eed M

M with u in the middle.

  • Do not understand own problems.
  • But understand other peoples problems.

Notice: Name 'Michelle'

Notice: M in 'My'

V eed M Deep

Deep V - Extremely analytical.

  • Less patience. Thus missing details.

Analytical Thinker - Shown by natural “V” formations at the base line, usually in m’s and n’s.The analytical person analyzes everything. This person has a strong reasoning ability to sift and weigh the facts.

Notice: Word 'Mom'

V eed M

V eed M - Sharp People

  • Good in calculations of situations. (Situation awareness)
  • Good negotiators
  • Filtered information
  • Difficult to fool.
  • Quick decision takers.
  • Fast grasping.
  • Impatient.

Notice: Word 'AM'

Only Data No Analysis M

Only Data No Analysis M

  • Only collects data. No analysis.

Loopy M

Loopy M

  • Lot of complications



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