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Capital P

Hiding Emotions P

Emotions P

  • Want to improve their emotions
  • Hiding emotions before

Disconnected P

Disconnected P

  • Lack physical co-ordination
  • Open from below - bad karma.

Creative Designer P

Creative Designer - Two Stroke P

  • Disconnected from physical co-ordination.

Notice: Word 'shop'

Notice: Words 'precious preserved'

Idea P

Idea P

  • Ideas

P open from below

P open from below. (not Kleptomaniac)

  • Will pay when required and not when not required.

Notice: Word 'purpose'

Kleptomaniac P

Kleptomaniac P - Open from below

  • Small amount of dishonesty

Such writers have an inability of restricting themselves from expecting things that do not belong to them, to be theirs.

Notice: Words 'pretty manipulate'

Argumentative P

More prominent 

Argumentative P - V in P is argumentative

  • Greater angle greater argumentative
  • Less angle less argumentative.

These people argue a lot and are not easy to persuade.

Physical Giving P


Physical Giving P

  • Capable of giving things on physical basis.
  • Seva Donation. Cash donation is physical help.

Notice: Alphabet p in word produce

Physical giving p

Earthly Drives P

P Depth

  • Depth goes for (sex) earthly drives

Notice: Word 'Price'

Physically Active P

P Loop

  • Physically Active

Desire for More Physical Activity - Shown by average to large loops in the lower case p. The larger the loop the stronger the desire is for more physical activity. This could include any physical activity such as exercise, travel, or sex. Verify this tendency by looking at the y loops.


Notice: Word 'playing'


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