Capital S


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Starting Stroke S

Starting Stroke S

  • Takes a lot of time to sympathize.

They tend to waste time and also take time to understand things. The long starting stroke shows immaturity.

Responsibility S

Responsibility S

  • Person tries to take extra responsibility
  • These people tend to take 'unnecessary' responsibilities.
  • Tense for responsibility
  • Tense under responsibility.
  • Not sympathetic to themselves.
  • Married women would like to stay separate from husbands.

Tip: Seen at the starting of the word. There is an angle in this formation.

Capital S

Alphabet Capital S -Sympathy

The letter 's' is for sympathy and benevolent feelings and has no connection with intelligence.

  • Upper Part - Spoken (thought) sympathy.
  • Lower Part - Execution of (action) sympathy.

Tip: The capital S and lowercase s have similar formations. S = s


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