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Lowercase d

Retraced d Stem

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Retraced stem of d

  • Capable of mentally controlling his physical ideas (self).
  • Controlling their physical needs

Enhancement with A Slant.


Stinger d

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Stinger d

Tip: Stinger d is grievously dangerous.

Girl with stinger in d - Your father wants to make you strong.

Boy or man with stinger in d - Your foofi and chaccha has problems. 

Stubborn d

Positive stubbornness in physical.

  • Control of expression.
  • Withdrawal and secretive

Notice: Word 'bad'

Positive stubbornness is less.


Uncoordinated d

  • Lacks coordination (physical)

Claw In d

d Claw

Maniac d Slant

Maniac d Slant 

  • On the spur of moment this person can go uncontrolled physically.
  • Sudden impulsiveness in the physical expression of person.

Notice the words; old had led

Loves To Read d

Lowercase d’s that go up to the left but never returns to the baseline.

Loves to read a lot.

  • Believes in printed matter. Newspaper.
  • The upper zone does not cross the beginning.


Loves reading more than above.

Notice: Words 'Pooped added Flushed'

Wrong Profession d

Wrong Profession d

The UZ of d goes beyond the benchmark.

Sensitive To Criticism d

Very sensitive to criticism

More sensitive to criticism than above.

Notice the word 'deep'


Upper Zone of d

UZ in d is very high. They 'feel' they are very good physically.

UZ in d is high. They are concerned about physical.

UZ in d is normal. They are comfortable. Smaller, more comfortable.


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