Lowercase h


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Starting Stroke h

Starting Stroke h - Hook

Direct Top Down h

Top Down h - Person with direct stroke

  • Focus prominent on one thing.
  • Believes in specialization of labor.
  • They specialize in one field.
  • They don't waste your time.
  • Direct, they come to the point. They expect others to come to the point, direct.
  • Blunt.
  • Mature.

Tip: If other aspects are good don't argue on their subject.

Jealous h

Jealous h

  • Jealous stroke, denotes immaturity.
  • Wastage of time.
  • The have strong desires to acquire things which their close ones have.
  • Their mother has compared them to other children, in various aspects like studies, drawing etc.

Observation: When these people desire other people things, they get stomach ache.

Future Hooked Rounded h

Future Hooked Rounded h

  • Stuck with lot of ideas (UZ), event (MZ), action (LZ) in the future.
  • Hooks to ideas in future.
  • Wants to reach the future to complete idea.
  • Less stress as there are no angles.

Tip: They inherit the right hook traits.

Future Angular Stressed Hooked h

Future Hooked h

  • Hooked to future idea (UZ), event (MZ), action (LZ).
  • Stress due to angle formation.
  • Wants to reach the future to complete idea.

Tip: They inherit the right hook traits.


Past Hooked Rounded h

Past Hooked Rounded h

Past Angular Stressed Hooked h

Past Hooked h

  • Hooked (stuck) to past idea (UZ), event (MZ), action (LZ).
  • Intelligent (angles)
  • Stress due to angle formation.
  • They think the past was better than today.

Tip: They inherit the left hook traits.

Sharp Stubborn Stressed h

Sharp Stubborn Stressed h

  • The person is mentally sharp.
  • Mentally the person is more stubborn.
  • Ideas fixed.
  • Intellectually the person has stress due to angle formation.

Observation: They will banter mentally with (left side) parents, relatives, siblings, people of their origin.

Stubborn Starting Stroke h

Starting Stroke h

  • Stubborn
  • Will hold on.
  • Immaturity
  • Wastage of time.
  • Will take time to start work, due to starting stroke formation.

Observation: They speak more with their relatives. They give time to relatives (past aka left side).

Retraced h

Retraced Upper Zone 

  • Restricts himself in giving ideas.
  • Level of confidence is low.
  • Controlled. Controls thoughts.
  • Not lacking intelligence.

Tip: They will inherit Upper Zone Retracing traits.

Notice: Words 'things touch the'


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