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Lowercase i

Enthusiastic Parents PPI

  • Father and mother enthusiastic.

More Excess - Opposite is true.

  • Exaggeration

Independent Supported PPI

Gap in stem and crossbar.

  • Person wants to be independent but has support from parents.

Difference of opinion Both Parents PPI


  • Difference of opinion with both parents, but has support.

Notice: Its

PPI Loop

Case - Loop is at right side at top.

  • Mother/other woman's health low, therefore has to work.
  • Plus difference of opinion with father.

Case - Same as above

  • Difference of opinion with father in the past.

PPI Claw

Image Place Holder

PPI Claw - Also hidden Claw

  • Father has taught to lie.
  • Fathers signature not legible.
  • This person is irresponsible.
  • Fathers success level not as per his capacity.
  • Can be cheated by males.

Cause: The person feels father figure has not been truthful to them.

PPI with father influence

PPI with father influence.

Case 1 - Only lower side left loop.

  • More influenced by father then mother.

Case 2 - Top and bottom left loops.

  • Father and mother made different rules.
  • The father and mother have difference of opinion.
  • The person is confused.
  • Father and mother different. [Compatibility Space Personalty]

Notice: Two words in the last line - It and I


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