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Lowercase i

PPI with influence by mother

PPI with influence by mother.

Case 1

  • Sharp - Intelligence comes from mother
  • Stress - due to/comes from mother.

Case 2 - As above

  • Angles also give determination.

Case 3 & 4

  • Cut in the Upper Zone - Difference of opinion.

Case 5


  • Mother is fun and frolic.

Supportive I

Supportive I

  • Support available from parents.
  • More confident
  • Chances of progress is higher than unsupported (above).

Notice: First PPI

Independent PPI

Independent PPI

  • Absolutely independent of genuine influence (image).
  • Very economical
  • Simple - Not much flaring, no flourishes.

Notice: Word 'I'  which also has self criticism. 

Heart Shaped i Dotting

Heart Shaped i Dotting

  • Wastage of time.
  • Says sorry and expect others to say sorry.

Circular i dotting

Circular i dotting

Arch Reverse i Dotting

Arch Reverse i Dotting

  • Irritation.
  • More open.

Arch i Dotting

Arch i Dotting

  • Irritated
  • Hide more.

Notice: Words 'silent patronized'

Angular Arch Reverse i Dotting

Angular ​Arch Reverse i Dotting

  • Analytical in details.

Angular Arch i Dotting

Angular ​Arch i Dotting

  • Very clever
  • Very sharp
  • Intelligent
  • Sharp detailing

Notice: Words Friends, Everything, invisible, with

Angular Arch i dotting in graphology

Irritation Almighty i Dotting

Upward - Irritated with almighty god.

Observation: They have to cremate their own children.

Notice: Words 'Price is'



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