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Lowercase i

Irritation Oneself i Dotting

Downward - Irritated with oneself.

Notice: Word you're in

Irritation with self i dotting

Irritation Others i Dotting

Irritation mark (Club Stroke)

Right side - Irritated with others.

Irritation Past i Dotting

Left side - Irritated with past.

High Dotted i

  • Un-realistic Goals
  • Castles in air
  • Shows imagination

Notice: Alphabet 'i' with high doting in word life. Diluted by other 'i' dotting's.

High dot of alphabet 'i'

Impulsive i Dotting

Impulsive - Into looking for details.

  • Uncontrolled speech.
  • Detective eye.

Notice: Words 'Clip in tip ink'


Procrastination i

Procrastination. - To look into details.

No dotting

No dotting.

  • Inattentive - Not attentive
  • Missing on details.
  • Not aware of facts. 
  • Absent-minded.

If the dot is missing in the 'j' the writer is forgetful.

Notice: Words like, it.

Dotted i

Doted i - Effort to dot very consistently and close to the alphabet.

  • Immaculate
  • Loyalty Aspect
    • Parents
    • Wife
    • Friends
    • Brands

Loyalty - Shown by a picture-perfect i-dot with no tail in any direction. Loyalty is a commitment to stand by those people or ideas that they consider worthy.

Lowercase i

Alphabet Lowercase i

Tip: The analysis of i and j go together.


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