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Lowercase m

MithWith m

MithWith m - The alphabet m which looks like w.

This is also seen in capital M.

MithWith Formation

  • They show something, mean something else.
  • They display extra affection towards people with whom they have work.
  • They use deception and they cheat.

Notice: Word romantic

Hook in m

Hook in m.

  • Mother proud of academic achievements.
  • Mother tries to demonstrate the child's skills/achievements.

Notice: Words 'may gentleman establishment'

Maniac Formation m

Maniac Formation m

  • Less friends.
  • Adult jokes.
  • Have friends who do not have very good habits.
  • Habits not acceptable normally.

Lowercase m

Lowercase m

The M and m structure

  • First Hump or Ridge - Information Collection
  • The v shaped Trough - Analyzing Processing 
  • Last Hump or Ridge - Taking Decision 
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