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Lowercase t

Simple t Crossbar


These people are enthusiastic. They achieve or tend to achieve a lot.


Shape Retraced t Stem

Stubborn t Stem

Stubborn - Revealed by t and d- stems shaped like a tepee or upside down “V”. The more this letter is braced, the more this person is braced to his own ideas. Stubborn people rarely admit they are wrong, and don't want to be confused with the facts after they have made up their minds.

Notice: Words Let, what, supposed, celebrate, it.

Shape Loop t Stem

Big Loop in t = Sensitive about their ideas. Expecting criticism to their ideas.

Shape Curved t Stem

Curved t Stem

  • These people are not blunt. 
  • These people are soft in their comments.
  • They maintain their relationships.

Directness - Beginning vertical strokes on the lower case t that go down and curve to the right (no beginning upstroke). This person wants people to stop beating around the bush and get to the point. Direct people don’t like to be slowed down.

Shape Blunt t Stem

This is a straight 't'. People with straight t stem are blunt.

  • The person is rough and blunt.
  • They are not comfortable in their relationships.
  • They destroy their relationships.

Notice:  Words think to it

Length Inconsistent t Stem

Inconsistent t stem.

  • The ego is inconsistent.
  • Learning process is inconsistent.

Notice: Word 'the' All 3 examples present, aka inconsistent.

Length Shorter t stem

When the t stem is smaller than other upper zone letters.

  • They still have an urge to learn. Learner
  • Less ego. Less than what he is as a person.
  • Humble.
  • The individual has very low ego. 
  • He may be clever but he does show that at all. 
  • He is not comfortable with himself.

Notice: Word 'the'

Length Equal Size t Stem

When the t stem is equal to other upper zone letters.

  • They treat other people at par with themselves.

An individual whose 't' height is equal to his 'h' height, shows an ego equal to his intelligence.

Length Tall Exaggerated t Stem

When the t stem is very big. Exaggeration.

  • Not egoistic.
  • Not very clever.

This is an exaggeration. The individual has a very high ego. But otherwise is very easy to fool. Trying to show self as egoistic but opposite is true due to exaggeration [2nd Principle]


Length Tall t Stem

When t stem is taller than other letters in a line.

  • The person has big ego.
  • When there is more ego. The learning is less.

This individual's ego is more than his intelligence. A show off.

Notice: Word 'this'


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