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Lowercase t

Efficiency Connection of t

Level of efficiency is high.

Cross bar connected with the next letter. Such people are efficient, do not waste time and do several things at the same time. If such connections are in the middle zone then their efficiency is also shown in daily activities along with other activities. But they do not achieve quality work with a good reputation.

Learner Connection of t

Efficient but gives excuses. 


The learner

Notice: The 'th' connections

Single Stroke Crossbar Connection t

  • Level of efficiency is good.

Notice: The word pretty.

Single Stroke Crossbar Connection t

Seeking Advice Stress Connection of t

There is the formation of an angle at lower end of 't', which shows stress. Such people simultaneously takes advice from and fights with their parents. Most of the time they compromise.

  • Goes back to past (parents) with stress.
  • Always seeking guidance with stress. (fights with guide)

Testimonial Connection of t

Testimonial Connection of t

  • Wants testimonials

Seeking Advice Connection of t

Stroke goes back to the past. Such person go back to their parent figure for confidence. There is a knot, which shows unnecessary complications.

  • Keen to get advice from parents.
  • The moment see problem goes back.
  • Always seeking guidance.

Notice: Word 'toward' seen in first top handwriting sample.

Connectivity of t crossbar

 Connectivity of t crossbar.

When there is connectivity between the crossbar they are efficient.


  • Wants to go ahead. 
  • Advice is important from his mentors.


They go ahead. Then after trying go to take advice.


Efficient but gives excuses.


The learner


They will adjust a lot.

Notice: The first word 'to'

Vertical Crossbar Placement on t Stem

Placement of crossbar on t stem.

The placing of the crossbar shows ego, will power, determination, the goals and one's aims in life. 

Observation: Crossing the t at lower is faster. Consumes less time.

Higher Crossbar = Higher aims and objectives.

Middle Zone Crossbar = Middle Zone objectives

Low Crossbar = Low aims and objectives.

Variable Crossbar = Trying to fool themselves.

No Initiative t


  • This person is not in position to take initiative. 

Angular Right Hooked t Crossbar

Right Hooked t angular

Hook on the right side. These people are insecure about their future.

  • Person uneasy about future.
  • Tenacious - Displaying tenacity.


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