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Lowercase t

Angular Left Hooked t Crossbar

Angular Left Hooked t  

A hook on the left side. These people feel that their parents were partial and unfair in their treatment either in their favor or against them. They had irritation in their past life. Such people don't like partiality, for or against themselves.

  • Someone was partial in past. (Favoring or disfavoring)


Pressure of t crossbar

Pressure of the t crossbar

1. Weak pressure on crossbar than stem.

  • When starts things does it with full intensity.
  • Weak with the follow ups. (Sales Closing)

2. Stronger pressure on crossbar than stem.

  • Casual in their work,
  • The follow up is extremely strong.

Will Power - Shown by heavy pressure on the t-bars. This person will be able to follow a set course and display strong powers of the will. Will power tends to intensify all other personality traits.

No t Crossbar

No t Crossbar

  • The person does not have endurance
  • Forgetful
  • Not looking at the details.

No cross bar. These people make no efforts to confirm, give a final touch to their work.

Club stroke Crossbar - Self Critical

Club stroke Crossbar - Self Critical

Sharp edge on the left side. These people have a sarcastic attitude towards themselves.

  • The self criticizer.

If the t-bar is crossed from right to left, the sarcasm is directed toward self, instead of toward others, creating a tendency to be self-critical.

Notice: 't' crossbars.

Club stroke Crossbar - Sarcasm

Club stroke Crossbar - Sarcasm

Sharp edge on the right side. These are sarcastic people. They are sharp in their comments.

  • The person is sarcastic. Knife at the end.

Sarcasm - Revealed by sharp-pointed t-bar. Sarcasm is like a verbal dagger defending the ego. Sarcasm is forming a dual meaning to whatever is said and is often mixed with humor. Sarcastic people have a sharp tongue that can hurt others' feelings.

Fun t Crossbar

Fun t Crossbar

  • People love fun and frolic.
  • Capable of laughing at one own self.

Downward t Crossbar - Dominating

 Downward t Crossbar.

This is a descending cross bar. These people do not achieve their goals hence get frustrated. Then they take out their irritation on close ones. People feel they are dominating.

  • When something good is not happening in their life.
  • Not very successful.

Dominant - Down slanted t-bar, to the right, with a blunt ending.

Ascending t Crossbar - Enthusiastic

Ascending t Crossbar - Enthusiastic​.

  • People who are enthusiastic about their aims, goals and objectives.


Exaggerated Ascending Crossbar.

  • Exaggeration so opposite is true.

Concave Shaped t Crossbar

Concave Shaped t Crossbar.

This is a concave cross bar. These people make excuses for not performing at par with their capacity.

  • People who do not perform at par with their own abilities.
  • Shallow

Notice: Word Through

Convex Shaped t Crossbar - Self-control

Convex Shaped t Crossbar.

This is a convex cross bar. Such people are on self improvement drives e.g., dieting, reducing weight.


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