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Lowercase t

Shape of t crossbar

Shape of the t crossbar

Horizontal Placement of t crossbar

Horizontal Placement of t crossbar

The t stem represents the present time. What is the present time? = Now

In Graphology, we assume that the cross bar of "t' shows a person's present, past and future by the position on the stem, on the left side of the stem and on the right side of the stem respectively.

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Case 1. Person who delays to face the present. He is the procrastinator.

Size of t crossbar

Size of t crossbar.

  • The t crossbar is optional.
  • The t crossbar is the consistency.

Crossbar 1 - Short lived will power (few days)

Crossbar 2 - More stronger than 1 (few weeks)

Lowercase t

Alphabet Lowercase t represents the mental aspect. Self-Image

The alphabet 't' reflects the mental self image. 
The alphabet 't' also reveals the individual's endurance and will power.

The alphabet 't' is studied by two parts:

  1. Stem of 't', tells us about the mental ego of a person i.e. his mental self image.
  2. The cross bar of 't', tells us the sustaining capacity or will power of a person.

Tip: Size of t - The benchmark is other letters.


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