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Lowercase y

Broken Bag y


The loop of the y in the lower zone is broken.

  • Loosing things.
  • Lost money
  • Loosing money.
  • Lost in sports
  • Loosing in sports.

Observation: Seen when people loose money in stock.

These writers, over a period of time, tends to lose their possessions or the things they have collected. The chances of losing items of value are high. For example money, securities, property.

Generous y


  • When the loop ends in the UZ. The person is generous.
  • (long finals)

What to say

You have a generous giving nature:

You enjoy giving and seeing others helped. You like to make others happy. If it is within your power to do so, you will probably do whatever is necessary to put a smile on that person's face who is close to you or even who might be a stranger.

Others Success y

  • Will help other person to become successful in the area where they have failed.
  • They help but people do not welcome their help.


U eed M

Living in past and stressful y

  • Stressful due to angles.
  • Living in the past.
  • Starting of a claw in y formation.

After Cheating Stuck y

This formation inherits all the features of claw in y and in additon details given below.

  • After cheating stuck
  • Complication
  • Wasting time
  • Gets caught

Observation: The claw formation develops mostly in joint (large) families. They see duality in the home by mother for family members.


Claw In y

Claw In y

Rolled Stroke y

Rolled Stroke y

  • Not just past. Circles inside.
  • Negative.
  • Indulgence
  • Stuck in LZ

Aggressive y

Description: Shown by hard right upstrokes that replace a lower loop. The aggressive person pushes forward into the future asserting himself physically. Often this person needs physically aggressive outlets such as competitive sports or even violence.

Revolt y



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