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The six basic strokes are dot, line, curve, hook, circle, loop.

The shape, space and movement​ in handwriting creates formations.

Strokes may be long, short, curved, straight, thick, thin, blunt, or pointed.

Vertical strokes should be straight, but if they are not, then unclear thinking.

The pen moving down (near to your palm) is a flexor movement or flexor stroke. The pen moving up (away from your palm) is extensor movement or extensor stroke. They are opposites. Flexors are heavy pressure. Extensors are light pressure. When the flexor stroke is more than extensor. This is a positive sigh.

The health is not good when opposite exits. There is disconnection between the mind and body. The health is not the best.

Decoration or Distortion - Don’t confuse the two. Decoration is intended; distorted is malformed and unintentional. Both are different to unfinished letters, which is a different indicator. Decoration is generally a sign that the writer wishes to be noticed more than he or she is at present. Malformed letters indicate a variety of things which must be dealt with individually. Unfinished words can be a sign of intelligence and impatience.

Do you have this formation or do you know anyone or anything more?

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