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Principles of Graphology

  1. The Principle of Balance - Balance in the analyzer. Sensible.
  2. The Principle of Exaggeration - When exaggeration is present the opposite is true.
  3. The Principle of Dilution - The positive and negative trait of equal intensity dilute one another.
  4. The Principle of Enhancement - Both positive traits will enhance the character.
  5. Look far and get it close.
  6. The study should be non judgmental. We are handwriting analyst not handwriting advisers.
  7. Take the human angle during analysis.
  8. In analysis you cannot compare. Do not analyze other people's writings.
  9. Principle of Perception - Its their perception.
  10. A good graphologist analyzes handwriting one to one.
  11. Do not restrict to words or meaning. Go by structures in graphology.

Tip: Freud broadly applied the principle that when something is overdone, it actually means the opposite – you are compensating for that which you feel you lack.

“Normal is an illusion. What is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly.”  - Charles Addams

Two Opposites

  • When two opposite things are present, both traits are present and true.
  • The qualitative achievement pattern will be low.
  • The consistency is lost. The rate of success will be lower than capacity.

Finger viz Wrist Writing

  • Writing on a board will be less revealing that on a paper.
  • On paper its fingers and on board its wrist/elbow.
  • Fingers have more space in the brain.

Tip: Whenever you see awkward formations, look at the total picture.

Do you have this formation or do you know anyone or anything more?

Please do add your views, insights, realization, personal experience in the comment box.

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