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relating to or using analysis or logical reasoning.

Alphabet u like v


If alphabet 'u' looks like a 'v', the writer is analytical at wrong situations.

Angular Arch Reverse i Dotting

Angular ​Arch Reverse i Dotting

  • Analytical in details.

V eed M Deep

Deep V - Extremely analytical.

  • Less patience. Thus missing details.

Analytical Thinker - Shown by natural “V” formations at the base line, usually in m’s and n’s.The analytical person analyzes everything. This person has a strong reasoning ability to sift and weigh the facts.

Notice: Word 'Mom'

Mechanical K

Mechanical K

  • Mechanical Structure
  • Mechanical Aspect and Analytical
  • Romance in Mechanical Way

Notice: Word 'Killed'


Angles - Stressed, analytical, difficult to get along, strategic, investigative, sharp.

  • Angle means stress.
  • Pressure increases.

Seen in V M W N sometimes U.

Sometimes in Lower Zone loops of G Y sometimes Z.

Tip: To see an angle in the lower zone of alphabet q is normal. 

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