given to arguing.
exchange or express diverging or opposite views, typically in a heated or angry way.

Stretched Ending Stroke

Stretches Middle Zone.
Ending stroke stretched = Doesn't end.
Nagging - Stretching the present in love, argument, discussions.

Ending strokes: These people tend to stretch things a lot. They tend to stretch everything - love and affection, arguments and fights, their activities, their expenses and even their presence. This also shows a nagging tendency.

Extra Small Legible Handwriting

Extra Small Handwriting - [Miniature Legible]

  • Principle of Exaggeration. Positively.
  • Capable of looking at small things in a big way.
  • Capable of detailed research.
  • Ingenious - They can be genius.

Tip: This can be negative when other aspects are not proper. [Like margins]

What to say

You are thought of as a deep thinker:

Wedge Formation

Wedge formation shows arguments.

Example - Argumentative P

Notice: Words 'television channel soon Sarah'

Notice: B in word 'PROBLEMS'

Argumentative P

More prominent 

Argumentative P - V in P is argumentative

  • Greater angle greater argumentative
  • Less angle less argumentative.

These people argue a lot and are not easy to persuade.

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