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a situation in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions.

Normal Alphabet Spacing

Normal Alphabet Spacing

What to say

You seem to be a person capable of forming warm relationships:

You appear to be balanced and able to adapt to just about anything. People consider you friendly, spontaneous and open to new ideas. You are able to form warm relationships. Lots of people like you and feel drawn to you. They trust and respect you.

Length Equal Size t Stem

When the t stem is equal to other upper zone letters.

  • They treat other people at par with themselves.

An individual whose 't' height is equal to his 'h' height, shows an ego equal to his intelligence.

Complete f

Complete f

  • Shows planning, confidence and execution.

Organizational Ability - Balanced upper and lower loops in the letter f. The two loops bisect the entire letter. This writer will have the ability to create order out of chaos. Even if her desk appears messy, she will know what is in each pile. She is organized.

Notice: Word 'off'

Balanced S

Balanced S

  • Has balance.

These people are soft, generous and sympathetic.

Notice: Word 'so' prominent in second word.

Balanced s alphabet

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