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act dishonestly or unfairly in order to gain an advantage.

S Claw

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S Claw

  • S claw is unreleased element of grudge.

These people will show sympathy and then cheat people. S claw is cheating their subordinates who are of less age.

Observation: The person will have problem with subordinates, children, lower working category people. The servant will cheat. That servant whom they have helped a lot.

Cause: This person has seen cheating. They have been cheated by their elders in their childhood.

MithWith m

MithWith m - The alphabet m which looks like w.

This is also seen in capital M.

MithWith Formation

  • They show something, mean something else.
  • They display extra affection towards people with whom they have work.
  • They use deception and they cheat.

Notice: Word romantic

Bottom Open

Bottom Open

Alphabets a and o open from bottom is a cheat.

Certain people tend to write their 'a' in this way.
It is an indication that they are letting slip all the positive or good things. These persons can lie through the skin of their teeth. For such people lying becomes more of a habit and a natural part of their character. Certainly someone whom you have to avoid at all costs!

Any letter open from down but supposed to be closed - Leakages Losses.

Other letters open on a lower level. B  P p and g.

After Cheating Stuck y

This formation inherits all the features of claw in y and in additon details given below.

  • After cheating stuck
  • Complication
  • Wasting time
  • Gets caught

Observation: The claw formation develops mostly in joint (large) families. They see duality in the home by mother for family members.


Claw in f

Claw in f

  • Lot of problems from women.

Notice: Words 'fool of'

Claw in a

a claw

  • Thievery, quality of cheating is high.
  • Cheating others at home.
  • They face abnormal calamities.

Notice: Word 'can'

Open from bottom a

Alphabet a open from below.

Bottom Open a

  • Thievery
  • Biggest aspect in cheating.
  • Quality of cheating is very high.

Observation: Abnormal calamities happen to them.

Tip: Also seen in lowercase o.


  • All/any letter open from below.

Cheating in Sympathy

Cheating in Sympathy

Notice: Second alphabet s in word supposed, last word is.

Cheating in Sympathy s graphology formation

Notice: Words 'so is still'


Felon Claw

Observation: Clawing - One of the parent from joint family.

MZ Claw - Gossiping - Alphabets A H I
LZ Claw - Deception in money, sex.

Notice: A in An MZ Claw, F in fool LZ Claw, also claw in g.

Tip: The intensity is seen in the height of the claw formation.

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