consisting of many interconnecting parts or elements; intricate.

Seeking Advice Connection of t

Stroke goes back to the past. Such person go back to their parent figure for confidence. There is a knot, which shows unnecessary complications.

  • Keen to get advice from parents.
  • The moment see problem goes back.
  • Always seeking guidance.

Notice: Word 'toward' seen in first top handwriting sample.

After Cheating Stuck y

This formation inherits all the features of claw in y and in additon details given below.

  • After cheating stuck
  • Complication
  • Wasting time
  • Gets caught

Observation: The claw formation develops mostly in joint (large) families. They see duality in the home by mother for family members.


Loopy M

Loopy M

  • Lot of complications


Havoc M

Havoc M

  • Can create havoc in any situation.
  • Complicated situations and thinking. (knotting in LZ and MZ)

Tip: They inherit all the properties of M knotting.

M Knotting

M Knotting

  • Complicated situation. (Due to knotting in MZ.)
  • Confusion.
  • They are not good decision makers.
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