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the use of imagination or original ideas to create something; inventiveness.

Moderate Width Lower Zone Loops

Moderate Width Lower Zone Loops

Physically Experimental - Shown by very long and big loops in the lower zones y, g, and p. They will demand variety in their physical activities, which must satisfy their insatiable physical desires. Sexually, they can be very demanding and often creative.

What to say

You are imaginative and fun loving, ready for anything:

You seem to have good self-confidence and a strong sex drive. You tend to be willing to branch out into uncharted waters.

Extra Wide Upper Zone Loops

Extra Wide Upper Zone Loops

Tip: If the loop is really inflated, this person will imagine criticism.

What to say

You may be a person whose imagination has gone wild:

You really enjoy new thoughts and creative concepts. The more bizarre the idea, the faster you embrace it. Some people may think you suffer delusions. You may or may not know where the dividing line is between delusion and reality.

Two Stroke

Two stroke formations show creativity.

Whenever one connects the letters unnecessarily, there is stress. When there is a break, so more relaxed.

Image Place Holder 

Notice: Example of two stroke D in Dear

Notice: Alphabet R in word 'WORSE'

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Upperzone r

Upperzone r

  • Creative ideas

Creative r

Creative r

  • Performing creativity.
  • Creative sense in fine arts. [Drama Music Painting - Music is high form of fine art]

Circular i dotting

Circular i dotting

Lowercase h

Alphabet Lowercase h - Used to refer the height of the Upper Zone.

How high the person will go to achieve their mental goals.

Notice: Word 'how'


Notice: two stroke 'h' in words 'have them'

Extreme Creativity A

Extreme Creativity A

  • Two stroke A

Notice the 'A' in 'Always'


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