the action of deceiving someone.

MithWith m

MithWith m - The alphabet m which looks like w.

This is also seen in capital M.

MithWith Formation

  • They show something, mean something else.
  • They display extra affection towards people with whom they have work.
  • They use deception and they cheat.

Notice: Word romantic

Claw In y

Claw In y

Claw in f

Claw in f

  • Lot of problems from women.

Notice: Words 'fool of'



Strokes which are deliberately withheld or are disconnected. These people have highly manipulative intelligence. They may be good with words, but their ultimate aim is to deceive people.

Seen in Capital M and N.

What to say

You do not like to reveal things about yourself:

You seem to be dishonest and non-revealing. You may not see yourself as a criminal type but that is probably how others view you.


Felon Claw

Observation: Clawing - One of the parent from joint family.

MZ Claw - Gossiping - Alphabets A H I
LZ Claw - Deception in money, sex.

Notice: A in An MZ Claw, F in fool LZ Claw, also claw in g.

Tip: The intensity is seen in the height of the claw formation.

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