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feelings of severe despondency and dejection.

Descending Words Constant Baseline

Descending Words Constant Baseline

A constant baseline with descending words indicates an internal fight against depression and a lack of self-confidence.

Drooping Garlands

Drooping Garlands

  • Cant say no.
  • Person has burden of friendship.

Depressiveness, deep sympathy for the helpless, contemplative, takes on another’s pain.

Ascending and Descending Together Baselines

Ascending and descending baselines together.

  • Moody.
  • Very enthusiastic and very low.
  • Moral confusion.

Descending Baselines

Descending Baselines Slight

  • Depression in motivator of either health, wealth of relationships.
  • Pessimistic.

Too Descending Baselines

  • More depression
  • More pessimism
  • Negative characteristics.
  • Want someone to sympathize.
  • Attention seeking.
  • Lonely.

What to say

You are a cautious person who may at times be pessimistic:

Ascending Baselines Exaggeration

Baselines too high. Too Ascending

[Principle of Exaggeration]

  • They have stopped worrying about the environment.
  • Can be genuine depression.
  • Pretense of smooth good happening.

Notice: All of writing.

Ascending baselines exaggeration in graphology

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