deceitfulness shown in someone's character or behaviour.

Extra Small Illegible Handwriting

Extra Small Handwriting - [Miniature Illegible]

  • Dishonesty. High quality / High level cheats.

Illegible Handwriting

Illegible - Overall in any size.

  • Capable of dishonesty.

P open from below

P open from below. (not Kleptomaniac)

  • Will pay when required and not when not required.

Notice: Word 'purpose'

Kleptomaniac P

Kleptomaniac P - Open from below

  • Small amount of dishonesty

Such writers have an inability of restricting themselves from expecting things that do not belong to them, to be theirs.

Notice: Words 'pretty manipulate'



Strokes which are deliberately withheld or are disconnected. These people have highly manipulative intelligence. They may be good with words, but their ultimate aim is to deceive people.

Seen in Capital M and N.

What to say

You do not like to reveal things about yourself:

You seem to be dishonest and non-revealing. You may not see yourself as a criminal type but that is probably how others view you.

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