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having or showing intense and eager enjoyment, interest, or approval.

Simple t Crossbar


These people are enthusiastic. They achieve or tend to achieve a lot.


Ascending Words Constant Baselines

Ascending Words Constant Baselines

If there is a constant baseline with ascending words, the writer has enthusiasm and probably an overoptimistic attitude toward life; it may also denote an absence of stamina.

Notice: Ascending baselines

Ascending Baselines

Ascending and Descending Together Baselines

Ascending and descending baselines together.

  • Moody.
  • Very enthusiastic and very low.
  • Moral confusion.

Concave Baselines

Concave Baselines

  • People who rise in the worst situation.
  • A very good team motivator. Team man.
  • Rises to the occasion.
  • Genuine team player.
  • People of crisis. Will work only in crisis.
  • People who have come from very modest background.
  • When things are going well they are reasonably lethargic.
  • Last minute doers.

What to say

You start out with energy, sag in the middle, and finish with enthusiasm:

Enthusiastic Parents PPI

  • Father and mother enthusiastic.

More Excess - Opposite is true.

  • Exaggeration

Ascending t Crossbar - Enthusiastic

Ascending t Crossbar - Enthusiastic​.

  • People who are enthusiastic about their aims, goals and objectives.


Exaggerated Ascending Crossbar.

  • Exaggeration so opposite is true.
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