seek to lessen the blame attaching to (a fault or offence); try to justify
Excuses, a reason or explanation given to justify a fault or offence.

Learner Connection of t

Efficient but gives excuses. 


The learner

Notice: The 'th' connections

Failing y

  • Failing
  • Designed to fail.
  • Attract wrong things.
  • Not bothered by failure. They love failure.
  • They give excuses for failure.
  • They give excuses not to succeed.
  • Not achieving success.

Observation: These people observe one of their parent, accept and reward failure.

Concave Shaped t Crossbar

Concave Shaped t Crossbar.

This is a concave cross bar. These people make excuses for not performing at par with their capacity.

  • People who do not perform at par with their own abilities.
  • Shallow

Notice: The words 'pit that not'

A with concave underscore

A with concave underscore.

  • Always giving excuses
  • Open to ideas.
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