an unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger, pain, or harm.

Narrow Width Lower Zone Loops

Narrow Width Lower Zone Loops

Socially Selective - Long narrow loops usually in the y or g. The size of the lower loop reveals the amount of trust and imagination as it relates to people. The narrow loop reveals some trust, but they are very selective of whom they allow in their inner circle of friends.

What to say

You sometimes hold back out of fear of not being able to achieve:

Lower Zone Retracing

Lower Zone Retracing is more difficult. Seen in alphabets y’s, g’s, and sometimes j ‘s. 180* angle = Stress

  • Untrusting

Antisocial - Shown when the lower loops of y’s, g’s, and sometimes j ‘s are retraced completely. The anti-social person does not trust anyone and rarely lets people get close enough to really know him. He fears getting hurt emotionally. This is a roadblock to intimacy.

Retraced y

Retraced y.

  • Trying to control their earthly/sexual drives.
  • Control over Lower Zone.
  • Stress.
  • Goes by beaten path. Does what other people do.

Tip: The inherit the Lower Zone Retracing traits.

Self-conscious M

Self-conscious M

  • The first hump is lower
  • The second hump is higher

Self-Conscious - Shown by the increasing height of the humps on the m’s and n’s. When the second hump is higher than the first, this person has a fear of being ridiculed and tends to worry what others might think when around strangers.

Start letter A in large lowercase a

Start letter A in large lowercase a.

  • Taking initiative but with fear.
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