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showing a readiness to give more of something, especially money, than is strictly necessary or expected.

You always believe in the good in people and support everyone who needs your help. But sometimes your selflessness is abused and it may seem like a curse to you. In reality, it shows how beautiful your heart is.

Lower Zone

LZ - Lower Zone - Execution

LZ - Lower Zone - Depth of lower zone. - More is stronger.
Study of depth of LZ is done via letter y
How deep they go to gratify their earthly drives.
'Deep down your memory lane'
Sex Money Physical Activities Sports Earthly Drives, Past.

The UZ Upper Zone and LZ Lower Zone come back to MZ Middle Zone. To realty.

Generous y


  • When the loop ends in the UZ. The person is generous.
  • (long finals)

What to say

You have a generous giving nature:

You enjoy giving and seeing others helped. You like to make others happy. If it is within your power to do so, you will probably do whatever is necessary to put a smile on that person's face who is close to you or even who might be a stranger.

Balanced S

Balanced S

  • Has balance.

These people are soft, generous and sympathetic.

Notice: Word 'so' prominent in second word.

Balanced s alphabet

Physical Giving P


Physical Giving P

  • Capable of giving things on physical basis.
  • Seva Donation. Cash donation is physical help.

Notice: Alphabet p in word produce

Physical giving p

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