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having or showing a tendency to be quickly irritated or provoked.

Middle Zone

MZ - Middle Zone - Organizing Present Pleasure

Present Zone - Realty Zone

MZ - Middle Zone - Strong middle zone means weak upper zone.
Exercise: Try to write 'and we went to picnic to Mumbai.' in all middle zone.

Withholding y

  • Simply not reaching realities.
  • Withdrawn/withholding.
  • Impatient. Lack patience.

All traits of Impatient y apply here.

Observation: These people learn lesson from past mistakes, but not with full effect. There is also wastage of time.

Impatience y

  • No attempt to come up.
  • Do not give full effort to come out of their past.
  • They fail in plans, achievements, relationships and money.
  • Some jobs half done.
  • Matter of impatience.
  • Impatient. Lack patience. 

Observation: These people do not make sufficient use of past experiences to enhance their future. They also lack patience.

Impatience f

Impatience f

  • Impatience.
  • The crossbar is ahead.

Squeezed e

Squeezed e

  • Impatient

Notice: Word 'Me'

V eed M Deep

Deep V - Extremely analytical.

  • Less patience. Thus missing details.

Analytical Thinker - Shown by natural “V” formations at the base line, usually in m’s and n’s.The analytical person analyzes everything. This person has a strong reasoning ability to sift and weigh the facts.

Notice: Word 'Mom'

V eed M

V eed M - Sharp People

  • Good in calculations of situations. (Situation awareness)
  • Good negotiators
  • Filtered information
  • Difficult to fool.
  • Quick decision takers.
  • Fast grasping.
  • Impatient.

Notice: Word 'AM'

No patience for romance K


No more patience for romance due to space between the stem and looped second stroke. 

  • No patience. (Due to space)

Notice: Word 'bk'


Angles - Stressed, analytical, difficult to get along, strategic, investigative, sharp.

  • Angle means stress.
  • Pressure increases.

Seen in V M W N sometimes U.

Sometimes in Lower Zone loops of G Y sometimes Z.

Tip: To see an angle in the lower zone of alphabet q is normal. 

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