free from outside control; not subject to another's authority.

Ruled Paper Below Plain Paper Baselines

People who keep lined paper below the unlined paper.

  • Follow rules and regulations.
  • They will like to be guided by rules and regulations.
  • They have mindset to follow rules and regulations due to earlier enforcement.
  • Father expects lot from them.
  • Take external support and project themselves as independent. 

Drifting Left Margin

Left Margin moving to right. Drift

  • Drifting away from the past.
  • Drifting away from parents.
  • Drifting away from the origin.
  • Taking independent decisions.
  • Past attraction is lost.
  • Moving forward from bad past.

Notice: Drifting Left Margin

Drifting Left Margin

Independent Supported PPI

Gap in stem and crossbar.

  • Person wants to be independent but has support from parents.

Independent PPI

Independent PPI

  • Absolutely independent of genuine influence (image).
  • Very economical
  • Simple - Not much flaring, no flourishes.

Notice: Word 'I'  which also has self criticism. 

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