a person who tells lies.


Cupping Formation in Graphology

Cupping Formation 

  • Takes precautions
  • Very secretive
  • Foreplanning 
  • Very well protected liar
  • Cautious - Make provision (lies) for everything in advance.

Notice: Words 'had great romantic' seen in the second lower sample.

Loop In Loop Middle Zone Loops

Loop in Loop - Left and Right Loop Overlap - Seen in a and o alphabets.

  • The person is pathological liar.
  • They have self-deceit and keeps secrets and do not know about it.
  • They lie and lie out of compulsion.

Tip: Quality of lying seen in the degree of overlap.

Notice: Words 'so love not'

Bottom Open

Bottom Open

Alphabets a and o open from bottom is a cheat.

Certain people tend to write their 'a' in this way.
It is an indication that they are letting slip all the positive or good things. These persons can lie through the skin of their teeth. For such people lying becomes more of a habit and a natural part of their character. Certainly someone whom you have to avoid at all costs!

Any letter open from down but supposed to be closed - Leakages Losses.

Other letters open on a lower level. B  P p and g.

Variable Size Handwriting

Variable Size

  • When the writing size keeps on varying a lot, this person has large capacity to lie.
  • Varying levels of confidence.
  • Specific likes and dislikes.

Notice: Words 'worry Happen'

Notice: The alphabets 'a' and 'e' in word 'appreciate' and 'e' in word 'everything'.

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