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a person who takes advantage of opportunities as and when they arise, regardless of planning or principle.

Close Line Spacing No Entanglement

Close Line Spacing No Entanglement

  • The top line lower part and the upper part of the lower line overlap, still no entanglement.
  • People who do not waste time.
  • This is an extension of taking opportunities

What to say

You are someone who may be obsessive:

You have a tendency to be inflexible, obsessive, and you may even feel compelled. It would be wise for you to seek a professional counselor who could help you "let your hair down" and be a little more flexible.

Extra Wavy Baselines

Extra Wavy Baselines

What to say

You may be an opportunist:

You may be a person who is considered to be insincere. You are probably an opportunist who takes advantage of any and all opportunities. Some may have the tendency to accuse you of fraud and the accusations may or may not be true. One thing is sure, you have the intelligence, charm and wit to defend your actions in such a way that your accusers will probably be entertained, even as they find fault with you.

Complete Right Margin

Right Margin is Complete

  • People who take the right margin are capable of taking up maximum opportunities.
  • The success rate of this person is high.

Tip: Notice the first word in the next line and check if that word would fit in the prior line. Incase of complete right margin this will not happen.

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