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having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be.

Rigidly Straight Baselines

Rigidly Straight Baselines

[2nd Principle of Exaggeration]

  • People who can simply fall the next step.
  • Given a chance will break rules.

Perfectionist - The baseline will be straight and even. This handwriting is that of a person who spends time putting everything in its place and reviews work trying to make it precise.

What to say

You are a person who seems to be always focused:

Round d

Round d 

  • They want to be perfect.

Perfection a

Perfection a

  • They want to be perfect


Tip: Perfection or tending to is stressful. No one notices perfection. Perfection is invisible!

Exercise: Draw just an 'a' and then try to draw a perfect rounded 'a'. 
Which one is more difficult?

In a handwriting near round 'a' 'O' and 'o' - The parent pressure to be perfect is high.

Squeezed 'a'

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