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the process of making plans for something.

More Top Space Z


This 'Z' has more space in the upper portion and less space in the lower zone, which shows that although their execution or implementation is slow, their planning is efficient.


Cupping Formation in Graphology

Cupping Formation 

  • Takes precautions
  • Very secretive
  • Foreplanning 
  • Very well protected liar
  • Cautious - Make provision (lies) for everything in advance.

Notice: Words 'had great romantic' seen in the second lower sample.

Average Line Spacing No Entanglement

Average Line Spacing No Entanglement

  • Good planners
  • Sufficient time for contingencies.

17-35 lines per page is normal. 
36-54 line per page are people who write more lines extract* maximum from the day.
Those who extract maximum for a day [more lines] are very careful. Without entanglement.
*Extraction means, things you like and you do.

Tip: When doing too many things at one time. Something may fail. Thus frustration level increases.

More Line Spacing

More Line Spacing

  • More Space = Extracting less from the day.
  • Planning for contingencies.
  • Good planners and good organizers.
  • At times they are busy with planning and organizing, that they may lack interpersonal touch.

What to say

You are a person who enjoys observing others:

You may be analytical and a little paranoid but you probably find yourself observing others in a detached manner. You may have difficulties getting close to others, possibly viewed by them as someone who enjoys isolation.


ALL CAPS: All capital writing is a middle zone writing.

Upper Zone

UZ - Upper Zone - Planning

UZ - Upper Zone - How high the person will go to achieve their mental goals.

Tip: Study of height of UZ is done via letter h

UZ when twice the MZ (Middle Zone) - Will reach high to achieve their mental yearnings.

UZ when more than twice MZ - Exaggeration [2nd Principle of Exaggeration]

Straight Baselines

Straight Baselines. (Straightish)

  • Goal - Targets, focus.
  • Aim and objective are fairly clear.
  • With clear aims and objectives the travel line is shorter.
  • Thus success is more available to straight baselines.
  • Those who plan are better than people who have no plan.
  • Waste less time. Things are fast.
  • People who have received consistent guidance have straightish baselines. Mostly from the father figure.

What to say

You are a person with strong emotional control:

Stylish f

Stylish f

  • This person plans, executes, does the thing in style.

Idea and Planning f

Ordinary f

Idea and Planning f

  • Simply strong in planning than execution.
  • Their brain works for ideas.

Notice: Word fighting


Complete f

Complete f

  • Shows planning, confidence and execution.

Organizational Ability - Balanced upper and lower loops in the letter f. The two loops bisect the entire letter. This writer will have the ability to create order out of chaos. Even if her desk appears messy, she will know what is in each pile. She is organized.

Notice: Word 'off'

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