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constructive, optimistic, or confident.

Positive Pastocity

Positive Pastocity

  • Liking for food
  • Likes good dressing.
  • Need for music.

Use of thick pen is positive pastocity.

Ascending Baselines

Ascending Baselines

Baselines go up. Ascending Up

  • Something is positive in health, wealth or relationship.
  • Spirit of this person is high.

Notice: Ascending baselines

Ascending baselines in graphology


The alphabets where we see crossbar.

A E F H I J K L T t Z 

More prominently and with lot of variation in alphabet t.

Crossbar means with-holding your self. The crossbar shows the will to stay.

  • Have patience. Perseverance.
  • Endurance. Winning small races consistently.
  • Faith in your own work.

The t crossbar is the consistency.

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