put a limit on; keep under control.

More Right Margin

More Right Margin

  • Missing opportunities.
  • The success rate will be ordinary.
  • Even negative actions will also be low. For example a bad pick-pocket.
  • They are afraid.
  • They lack confidence.
  • They are not going ahead full-fledged.
  • They are restricting themselves. They are holding themselves back.
  • They will succeed at a lower rate than their capacity.
  • Withdrawn.

Restricting Creativity Back-slant r


Back-slant r

  • Someone has withheld them in art.
  • Such a writer controls his creativity.

Restricting Creativity - This type of 'r' if tilted towards left side, then the person is restricting himself from being creative.

Retraced h

Retraced Upper Zone 

  • Restricts himself in giving ideas.
  • Level of confidence is low.
  • Controlled. Controls thoughts.
  • Not lacking intelligence.

Tip: They will inherit Upper Zone Retracing traits.

Notice: Words 'things touch the'

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