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(of a person or an organization) inclined to conceal feelings and intentions or not to disclose information.


Cupping Formation in Graphology

Cupping Formation 

  • Takes precautions
  • Very secretive
  • Foreplanning 
  • Very well protected liar
  • Cautious - Make provision (lies) for everything in advance.

Notice: Words 'had great romantic' seen in the second lower sample.

Loop In Loop Middle Zone Loops

Loop in Loop - Left and Right Loop Overlap - Seen in a and o alphabets.

  • The person is pathological liar.
  • They have self-deceit and keeps secrets and do not know about it.
  • They lie and lie out of compulsion.

Tip: Quality of lying seen in the degree of overlap.

Notice: Words 'so love not'

Right Middle Zone Loop


Right Loop - Loop on right in a and o alphabets.

Stubborn d

Positive stubbornness in physical.

  • Control of expression.
  • Withdrawal and secretive

Notice: Word 'bad'

Positive stubbornness is less.


Right Loop a

Right Loop a

  • Secretive

Tip: They are unable to reveal the truth.

Closed a

Closed a

  • Secretive - Capable of keeping secrets.
  • Worthy of confiding into them.

This trait is exactly opposite to the previous open from above a. During an analysis, you would count the open and the closed looping of the o's and a's, and, depending on total number of each and percentage, you may get a good idea on how well the person can keep secrets- plus if they are probably withholding something from you now.

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