(of a person, action, or motive) lacking consideration for other people; concerned chiefly with one's own personal profit or pleasure.

Expanded Alphabet Spacing

Expanded Alphabet Spacing

People who keep lot of space between two letters have more time for themselves.
They are selfish or self growth oriented.

What to say

You seem to be an extrovert:

It appears as if you like to talk. As an extrovert, you tend to be spontaneous and open without restraint. You do not draw logical conclusions so much as you listen to all sides and go with the conclusion you feel right about in your gut.

Sham Garlands

Sham Garlands - Untrue Garlands

  • Person is forced to show that he is friendly to people against his wishes.
  • Display friendship when not present.
  • Untrue.

This formation is not related to garland connections.

Tip: These should not be mistaken for disconnection or disconnected writing.

Small Size Handwriting

Small Size- Less than 2.00 mm

  • Focus - Their concentration ability is high on details.
  • This person is thoughtful.
  • Thoughtful in spending time, money and energy.
  • They have personal goals. Individualistic goals.
  • Follower - They are followers.

Concentration - Extremely small writing. People that write tiny have the ability to shut everything out of their mind and fully concentrate on one thing at a time. Often, on a first impression, these people seem reserved.

What to say

No Left Margin

No Left Margin (2nd Principle)

The complete absence of a left margin may symbolize the writer's subconscious desire to return to an infantile state of dependency.

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