relating to the instincts, physiological processes, and activities connected with physical attraction or intimate physical contact between individuals.

Moderate Width Lower Zone Loops

Moderate Width Lower Zone Loops

Physically Experimental - Shown by very long and big loops in the lower zones y, g, and p. They will demand variety in their physical activities, which must satisfy their insatiable physical desires. Sexually, they can be very demanding and often creative.

What to say

You are imaginative and fun loving, ready for anything:

You seem to have good self-confidence and a strong sex drive. You tend to be willing to branch out into uncharted waters.

Retraced y

Retraced y.

  • Trying to control their earthly/sexual drives.
  • Control over Lower Zone.
  • Stress.
  • Goes by beaten path. Does what other people do.

Tip: The inherit the Lower Zone Retracing traits.

Maniac r

Maniac r

  • Less friends.
  • Adult jokes.
  • Have friends who do not have very good habits.
  • Habits not acceptable normally.

This is a maniac 'r', i.e. they feel some of their companions have unethical habits.
These people may be constantly thinking about sex.

Notice: Words 'chairman are for striking better'

Earthly Drives P

P Depth

  • Depth goes for (sex) earthly drives

Notice: Word 'Price'

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