nervous or timid in the company of other people.

Wide Left Margin

Wide Left Margin

If the left margin of the writing is overly wide, the writer may have erected a facade to conceal true feelings.

Individuals who set themselves apart from others because of snobbishness or pride leave inordinately wide left margins, but the graphologist must be careful, for such margins are also characteristic of the writing of shy persons. [2nd Principle

Extra Small Legible Handwriting

Extra Small Handwriting - [Miniature Legible]

  • Principle of Exaggeration. Positively.
  • Capable of looking at small things in a big way.
  • Capable of detailed research.
  • Ingenious - They can be genius.

Tip: This can be negative when other aspects are not proper. [Like margins]

What to say

You are thought of as a deep thinker:

Decreasing Right Margin

Decreasing Right Margin (more to less)

  • Was shy or withdrawn less confident, then slowly moving towards more confidence.
  • Increase in confidence.
  • Success rate has increased as consequence.
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