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A state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances.

Lower Zone Retracing

Lower Zone Retracing is more difficult. Seen in alphabets y’s, g’s, and sometimes j ‘s. 180* angle = Stress

  • Untrusting

Antisocial - Shown when the lower loops of y’s, g’s, and sometimes j ‘s are retraced completely. The anti-social person does not trust anyone and rarely lets people get close enough to really know him. He fears getting hurt emotionally. This is a roadblock to intimacy.

Seeking Advice Stress Connection of t

There is the formation of an angle at lower end of 't', which shows stress. Such people simultaneously takes advice from and fights with their parents. Most of the time they compromise.

  • Goes back to past (parents) with stress.
  • Always seeking guidance with stress. (fights with guide)

Living in past and stressful y

  • Stressful due to angles.
  • Living in the past.
  • Starting of a claw in y formation.

Claw In y

Claw In y

Revolt y


Retraced y

Retraced y.

  • Trying to control their earthly/sexual drives.
  • Control over Lower Zone.
  • Stress.
  • Goes by beaten path. Does what other people do.

Tip: The inherit the Lower Zone Retracing traits.

Lives in Past y

  • Loner
  • Lives in the past.
  • Feels past was much better.
  • Past memories are important.
  • At times there is a chance they may repeat mistakes.
  • Past memories hound them a lot.
  • Lonely.

These people do not use past experiences to enhance their present/future. They sometimes feel lonely and are stuck with old memories.

Future Angular Stressed Hooked h

Future Hooked h

  • Hooked to future idea (UZ), event (MZ), action (LZ).
  • Stress due to angle formation.
  • Wants to reach the future to complete idea.

Tip: They inherit the right hook traits.


Past Angular Stressed Hooked h

Past Hooked h

  • Hooked (stuck) to past idea (UZ), event (MZ), action (LZ).
  • Intelligent (angles)
  • Stress due to angle formation.
  • They think the past was better than today.

Tip: They inherit the left hook traits.

Sharp Stubborn Stressed h

Sharp Stubborn Stressed h

  • The person is mentally sharp.
  • Mentally the person is more stubborn.
  • Ideas fixed.
  • Intellectually the person has stress due to angle formation.

Observation: They will banter mentally with (left side) parents, relatives, siblings, people of their origin.


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