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having the power to move heavy weights or perform other physically demanding tasks.

Straight Baselines

Straight Baselines. (Straightish)

  • Goal - Targets, focus.
  • Aim and objective are fairly clear.
  • With clear aims and objectives the travel line is shorter.
  • Thus success is more available to straight baselines.
  • Those who plan are better than people who have no plan.
  • Waste less time. Things are fast.
  • People who have received consistent guidance have straightish baselines. Mostly from the father figure.

What to say

You are a person with strong emotional control:

Physically Active P

P Loop

  • Physically Active

Desire for More Physical Activity - Shown by average to large loops in the lower case p. The larger the loop the stronger the desire is for more physical activity. This could include any physical activity such as exercise, travel, or sex. Verify this tendency by looking at the y loops.


Notice: Word 'playing'

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