causing or feeling slight pain or physical discomfort.
causing or feeling unease or awkwardness.

Both Left Right Middle Zone Loops

Both Loops  - Left and Right Loop Present. - Seen in a and o alphabets.

  • Uneasy and uncomfortable.

Notice: Second 'o' word 'fool'

Type Multi Slant

Multi Slant [One parent strict one parent lenient]

Dual Personality - Shown by an obvious slant variation from left to right in the same sentence. This person has trouble making decisions because the head and heart are in conflict. They withdraw into the introverted personality when they feel insecure. Unpredictable mood swings.

Shape Blunt t Stem

This is a straight 't'. People with straight t stem are blunt.

  • The person is rough and blunt.
  • They are not comfortable in their relationships.
  • They destroy their relationships.

Notice: 't'

Length Shorter t stem

When the t stem is smaller than other upper zone letters.

  • They still have an urge to learn. Learner
  • Less ego. Less than what he is as a person.
  • Humble.
  • The individual has very low ego. 
  • He may be clever but he does show that at all. 
  • He is not comfortable with himself.

Notice: Word 'the'

Wrong Profession d

Wrong Profession d

The UZ of d goes beyond the benchmark.

Angular MZ S

Angle in Middle Zone

  • Comfortable in Upper Zone
  • Socially uncomfortable in Middle Zone.

Notice: Words 'See Sarah'

Notice: Word 'song'

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