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not realistic.

Tall Wide Upper Zone Loops

Tall Wide Upper Zone Loops

What to say

You are a person with many ideas but at the same time, you may be impractical.

Your imagination does not necessarily allow for the creation of new thoughts nor do you willingly listen to new ideas. You probably lack some discrimination. You have many ideas but you also tend to be impractical and unrealistic.

Tip: People who have thin walls in upper zone or very big loops are sensitive to ideas.

Ruled Paper Far Above Baselines

Consistently written far above the line.

  • Live in their own dream world.
  • Unrealistic - Not realistic.

High Dotted i

  • Un-realistic Goals
  • Castles in air
  • Shows imagination

Notice: Alphabet 'i' with high doting in word life. Diluted by other 'i' dotting's.

High dot of alphabet 'i'

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