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thinking about or planning the future with imagination or wisdom.
a person with original ideas about what the future will or could be like.

Large Size Handwriting

Large Size - More than 2.5 mm

  • Big picture
  • Accepts challenge of life in a big way.
  • They are extroverts. They are leaders in their own field.
  • They want to be result oriented.
  • They are more interested in results and miss on details.
  • Their goal in life are more public oriented. Large bungalow, large showrooms.
  • More spending (in public).
  • They develop groups of people.

What to say

Broadminded h

  • Broadminded person.
  • Extremely intelligent.
  • They are visionary.
  • They carry lot of (relevant and irrelevant) knowledge.

Tip: In addition, they have all the traits of balloon h formation. 

Open-minded h

Open-minded h

  • Loop indicates the openness of mind.
  • Very intelligent.
  • Stores lot of ideas in the brain.
  • Visionary

Tip: If all three zones are well defined, they are good at executing their ideas.

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