not wanting to communicate with other people.

Extra Small Legible Handwriting

Extra Small Handwriting - [Miniature Legible]

  • Principle of Exaggeration. Positively.
  • Capable of looking at small things in a big way.
  • Capable of detailed research.
  • Ingenious - They can be genius.

Tip: This can be negative when other aspects are not proper. [Like margins]

What to say

You are thought of as a deep thinker:

Concave Right Margin

Concave Right Margin (Less > More > Less)

  • Optimism > Withdrawn > Back to optimism.
  • Great fighters, not give up.
  • Comes out of bad patch.

Convex Right Margin

Convex Right Margin (More > Less > More)

  • Withdrawn > Success > Withdrawn.
  • They could not sustain the growth.

Increasing Right Margin

Increasing Right Margin (Less to more)

  • Person over a period of time loses confidence.
  • Reduced opportunity taking ability.
  • Withdrawal, drop.
  • Cannot instill enough confidence in children.

Decreasing Right Margin

Decreasing Right Margin (more to less)

  • Was shy or withdrawn less confident, then slowly moving towards more confidence.
  • Increase in confidence.
  • Success rate has increased as consequence.

More Right Margin

More Right Margin

  • Missing opportunities.
  • The success rate will be ordinary.
  • Even negative actions will also be low. For example a bad pick-pocket.
  • They are afraid.
  • They lack confidence.
  • They are not going ahead full-fledged.
  • They are restricting themselves. They are holding themselves back.
  • They will succeed at a lower rate than their capacity.
  • Withdrawn.

Withholding y

  • Simply not reaching realities.
  • Withdrawn/withholding.
  • Impatient. Lack patience.

All traits of Impatient y apply here.

Observation: These people learn lesson from past mistakes, but not with full effect. There is also wastage of time.

Stubborn d

Positive stubbornness in physical.

  • Control of expression.
  • Withdrawal and secretive

Notice: Word 'bad'

Positive stubbornness is less.


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